T-200 Conveyor

With its smooth delivery of envelopes, the Thompson T-200 Conveyor is a reliable companion to the Thompson T-100 Feeder. Plus, the Thompson T-200 fits any high speed offset press. Its durable construction and reliable design means the Thompson T-200 is built for the long run.


  • Fits any offset press
  • Delivers envelopes smoothly
  • Chute or chain delivery
  • Variable speed motor
  • Increases productivity
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Fits other pressroom equipment
  • Five year warranty






MODEL: T-200


WIDTH: 11"

HEIGHT: Adjustable: From 12" to 38"

WEIGHT: 35 lbs.

SPEED: Variable

SET-UP: Installs in minutes

FITS: Any high speed press, chute or chain delivery. Works with other pressroom equipment such as tabbers, labelers and more.

POWER: 110V, 60HZ, 220V (optional)


The Thompson T-200 Variable Speed Conveyor was designed to help eliminate many delivery problems. It gives a large holding capacity by running a stream of printed material down the conveyor table. The T-200 greatly reduces unloading problems, which allows the printer to devote more time to job quality. The T-200 Conveyor makes unloading of printed material simple and easy.