Perforating Dies


Perfect Dies can open up new profitable markets for printers. They are an inexpensive method for printing, die cutting and perforating on all offset presses, small duplicators, sheet feed and multi color web and business forms presses.


Thompson Perfect Dies are manufactured with an extremely durable hard carbon steel and are re-usable. Perfect Dies are manufactured with Perfect Rules which are shaped and spot welded to steel shim stock.


The die is easily attached to the impression cylinder of a printing station where they run against the blanket cylinder. A hard non compressible blanket is recommended. Dies are easily mounted and secured.





Technical Specifications

Recommended shim stock thickness and dimensions are as follows:


.004 / .1016mm. = 6" / 15.24cm. wide - over 6" /15.24cm. length.
.005 / .127mm. = 23" / 58.42cm. wide to any length - this is recommended for large presses.
.008 / .2032mm. Special request.


Height of the die can be determined by adding the thickness of the shim stock to the height of the Perfect Rule. Height of the rule will vary plus or minus .001.


Strip Paper .025 - .026 / .635 - .6604mm.
Snap Paper .024 - .025 / .6096 - .635mm.
Slit Paper .024 - .025 / .6096 - .635mm.
Strip Card .029 - .030 / .7366 - .762mm.
Slit Card .029 - .030 / .7366 - .762mm.
Ex. High Card. .037 - .038 / .9398 - .9652mm.



Standard Perfect Dies include window (rectangular and bi-circular), circular and doorknob dies. They are available in various sizes for paper and card stock and have various teeth per inch for perforating.
Custom Perfect Dies are made on request. Please call for quotation