Envelope Stream Feeder

T-100 Envelope Feeders

Easy-to-use, the Thompson T-100 is designed to maximize envelope print production. This model is fully automated and built-to-last. Its rugged construction and reliable service record means the Thompson T-100 is built for the long run.


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  • Fits any offset press
  • Feeds a large variety of envelope sizes
  • Feeds unusual and hard-to-feed stock
  • Cuts production time in half
  • Quick set up on or off the press
  • Installs in minutes and simple to operate
  • No synchronization to press
  • Feeds up to 10,000 IPH
  • Loads while press is running
  • Compact size
  • Low maintenance
  • Built to last
  • Five year warranty



MODEL: T-100
WIDTH: Between side covers: 15" Feder Table: 11"
HEIGHT: Maximum: Feed Table 38" Minimum: Feed Table 26"
BASE: Mobile (Mounted on rollers)
WEIGHT: 90 lbs.
SPEED: Variable up to 10,000 envelopes per hour
STOCK SIZE: Variable from 3" x 5" up to 9" x 12"
CAPACITY: Loads 500 envelopes at a time
FITS: All small offset presses
POWER: 115V, 60HZ, 220V (optional)
ACCESSORIES: Optional conveyor at delivery end



The Thompson Envelope Stream Feeder was designed as an automated helper for the printer. Once the feeder is set up, it requires very little of the printers time except for keeping it loaded. This gives the printer more time for quality printing and stock control. The press can run continuously at any speed the printer chooses.

For years printers have struggled to print envelopes and other hard to feed materials. Now the problem is solved with the Thompson T-100 envelope Stream Feeder. With the feeder there is no need to stop to reload, no more shimming, and no more loading small amounts. Your press can run all day and print three to six times as many envelopes. This means increased profits for every hour you run. Set up time is fast and easy. The feeder loads from the top and feeds from the bottom to keep a continuous stream of envelopes to the press and is reloaded with the press running. This eliminates wasted time from stop, load, and go envelope printing. It also helps prevent doubles from sticky envelopes.

The T-100 is a free standing unit mounted on casters. The base height is adjustable to aid in leveling it to the press. It can be set up on or off the press in less than three minutes. It is set on the elevator table of the press and positioned between the press stock guides. A rubber tarp strap holds it tight against the press. When the job is finished, disconnect the tarp strap and roll it away.

The T-100 will stack eight to twelve envelopes under the press sucker feet. The stack of envelopes is controlled by a microswitch which keeps the stack a constant height at all times. As the press picks up the envelopes the microswitch puts more envelopes under the bottom of the stack. The feeder motor only runs when the press needs more envelopes. No timing device is needed. The T-100 can feed in excess of 10,000 envelopes per hour and the speed of printing is controlled by the printer.

The T-100 is fully adjustable to feed from 3"x5" to 10"x13". Adjustment is fast and easy. Up to 500 envelopes can be loaded at a time and more can be added at any time with the press running. There is no need to stop the press until the job is finished. Big savings can also be made on short runs of hard to feed envelopes or other hard to feed materials.

The feeder is shipped with the side covers, front and rear stock guides removed. It can be fully assembled with only a Phillips head screwdriver.