Perfect Perforating Rules

Printers have long considered perforating, scoring and slitting on offset too difficult. Now you can perforate, score, slit, snap and print simultaneously! This saves you time and money, allowing you to meet those critical deadlines by eliminating the bindery steps.


Perfect Rule Packaging was designed with the printer in mind. The convenient, hassle free spool combined with the insert enables you to easily unroll the amount of rule desired, preventing waste.


Center & Side PERFECT RULES are both available.


  Center rules are designed for high volume offset or web runs.  
  Rules are table


  Side rules are designed for perfect corners and butts.




Technical Specifications



10'  and 20' lengths, specify 6, 8, 12 or 16 teeth per inch; Microperfs, specify 30 or 40 teeth per inch; specify card or paper usage;



10' and 20' lengths, specify card or paper usage;



10' and 20' lengths, specify card or paper usage;



10' and 20' lengths, specify 3, 4 teeth per inch, specify card or paper usage



Heat treated for longer life, these rules can be used for those long runs or again and again on short runs. PERFECT RULES have been engineered for easy application. This leaves you, the printer, with endless printing and perforating possibilities you can do in your own shop.