Offset Perforating Rules

Thompson Manufacturing is the provider of Offset Perforating Strip. This Offset-Strip has been a leader in the industry and time tested for more than 30 years.


Printers have long considered perforating, scoring and slitting on offset both time saving and cost effective. Now you can competitively quote jobs which require perforating, scoring or slitting and still meet those critical deadlines by eliminating the bindery steps.


Offset Rules packaging was designed with the printer in mind. The convenient, hassle free spool enables you to easily unroll the amount of rule desired, preventing waste.


Center Rules are designed for high volume offset or web runs. Rules are stable and won't tilt or bend.



Technical Specifications



6'  and 20' lengths, specify 6, 8, 12 or 16 teeth per inch; Microperfs, specify 30 or 40 teeth per inch; specify card or paper usage.



6' and 20' lengths, specify card or paper usage;



6' and 20' lengths, specify card or paper usage;



6' and 20' lengths, specify 3, 4 teeth per inch, available for paper usage only




Made with durable hard carbon steel, these rules can be used for those short and medium length runs. Leaving you, the printer, with endless printing and perforating possibilities you can do in your own shop.